Cook Processor

Alex Clayton's UX design work on the KitchenAid Cook Processor.









The KitchenAid Cook Processor is an all-in-one premium countertop appliance that heats, stirs, chops, and runs automatic programs. 

It was recognized as the winner of the European Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2015 Golden Award — best of the best in the categories of functionality, design, and innovation.

KitchenAid Cook Processor Front
KitchenAid Cook Processor Side

As the lead UX designer, I was responsible for creating the UI layout and specifying all behaviors, conducting user studies to get feedback on areas for improvement, and collaborating with the industrial design, business, and development teams to create the best possible product. 




Project Kickoff


Using a single appliance to cook an entire meal isn't a typical cooking style in the United States. I began this project by understanding general user needs and typical use cases and comparing competitor models.


One major insight we discovered is that all-in-one cooking appliances are typically found in small-space-living kitchens. Since space is limited, having a single appliance that can cook a whole meal is desirable to save room for other necessities.


With my core team, which consisted of a marketer, an engineer, and an industrial designer, we worked to gather requirements and understand constraints.





Using all that we had learned, I began sketching UI concepts and created paper cutouts to layout on foam models. 

Cook Processor UI Pieces

I then conducted several heuristic and usability evaluations with some of our leading concepts. 

Cook Processor Concepts

A major theme we found that helped drive our design was to avoid having the UI on a flat, vertical surface due to visibility issues and concerns with the product moving when pressing buttons.






After concept testing and the product was in a more refined state, our core team traveled to China to work with our manufacturing partners. We were able to discuss our ideal state and understand any technological challenges with our proposals. From a UX standpoint, one of the toughest areas to bring to life as desired were the knob and speed lever.

US to China-01.png

In collaboration with the marketer to understand business needs and goals, I created a working draft of a 50 page behavior specification that defines exactly how the user interface should be laid out and programmed. 

Cook Processor UI Spec




After several iterations of the behavior specification, we traveled back to China where I was able to work directly with the developers to ensure all behaviors and special use cases were programmed correctly.

US to China

Once we started receiving functional prototypes, I was able to check for defects and make changes to interactions after conducting usability studies and professional assessments. During this time, I also worked with our sensorial designer to fix some auditory and ergonomic areas until the product was ready to launch.




KitchenAid Cook Processor Front
Cook Processor Top